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Flatheaders I and II Galleries from Classicar Flathead Forum contributors

Martin Holden has a flathead powered '34 coupe and a British sense of humor. Check out Mart's Real Hot Rods.

Jim Martlett is a frequent contributor to several flathead e-mail lists and bulletin boards. Jim raced flatheads in the 60's and campaigned a car that holds the AHRA record for stock class. Jim has pictures from the 60's and also pictures of recent flathead powered drag racers including several sub-10 second cars.

Lars Brandow is the webmaster for a Swedish hot rod club and happened to be in the Boston area on business just in time for the start of the swap meet season. Lars seemed to be trying to take back an entire car in several suitcases.

While Sean Korb doesn't have a 1930's Ford, he's a regular poster to the Fordnatics list and has a page describing the restoration of his 68 Mustang fastback. It's nice to know that in Sean's words, I'm not the first or only person "with too much time and a digital camera."

The Stovebolt Truck page is for GM trucks from 1918 to 1972, but these guys have a great sense of humor and an open mind (an "Alternative Gallery" for non-GM trucks). The site was started for 39-40 Chevy trucks but was expanded to include other years and even street rods. "So we
all live together in peace and harmony, eating granola and swapping NOS stuff (yeah, right!)." Maybe if I had found this site early on, I'd be driving an art deco Chevy with a stove bolt six, but then again, after reading the FAQ about non-pressure oiling in those engines, maybe I wouldn't.

Anyway, check out their "It ran when I parked it." photo contest.

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