Flathead Engines

Early Ford V8 Swap Meet--Fitchburg, MA, April 19, 1998

Looking for cleareance on drivers side for Fenton headers Clearance for Fenton headers on passenger side

I took pictures of these to get an idea of what sort of clearance is needed for Fenton headers. I stupidly didn't get a "whole car" picture so I don't know what sort of frame it might have. I have read that the later 59A blocks (originally 1946-48) provided more clearance, even on older frames.

Detail of ignition coil mount on an 8RT engine

I took this picture of an 8RT block (1949-53) mainly to get an idea of where to mount a modern type ignition coil. On the older engines, the coil was mounted on top of the distributor. My engine has an adapter plate and the coil is held on to one of the fender bolts on the driver's side.

Ford flathead engine with Baron supercharger

I should have taken a higher resolution picture of this beauty with Barron supercharger and heads. Luckily I got a second chance when the same car was at a Mustang and Ford show in the fall. It's a 1932 5 window coupe.

Left side view of Baron supercharger in a 1932 Ford coupe Right side view of Baron supercharger1932 Ford coupe with Baron supercharger on flathead V8